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TruVision Corporate Call Reveals August Launch Details, But Vows to Help the Disabled

TruElevate is set to “leave the dock” for the first time ever this week.  The news was announced in an August 13 conference call on TruVision Health’s Soundcloud page.

TruVision’s newest product called “TruElevate” (bloggers love it) because it’s designed to lift dieters off their stalled weight loss plateaus.  Developer David Brown assured listeners that safety is the first priority with TruElevate and all TruVision products.  Safety is first, effectiveness is second…and if something doesn’t work, you won’t see it in TruVision products, he stated on the blog.

“We don’t want to sell any products that are addictive any way, that might overstimulate the heart, so safety is first and foremost.”

What is TruElevate?

TruWeight & Energy is for weight loss…TruElevate is for people who’ve gained and lost, gained and lost over the years with an overall net gain.

Whenever you diet, you will probably lose weight right off the bat, but then plateau again.  This is known as the plateauing.  You can reverse the process, whereby this pattern can result in overall weight loss, but it takes a very long time.  TruElevate speeds up the process of reverse plateauing.

TruElevate is available in capsule or smoothie form.  The smoothie form offers a welcome format to the product, since people love the sensory experience of being able to experience a smoothie drink.  It’s also dairy-free but as mentioned above, it does contain whey protein.

TruElevate is not meant to be a stacker product…do not take it at the same time as TruWeight & Energy or any other weight loss products.

The body may build a tolerance to either of TruVision’s products: TruWeight & Energy, and TruElevate.  This is the main reason one should not take the two products at the same time…for instance taking TruWeight & Energy in the morning then taking TruElevate in the afternoon.  The way it should work: take TruWeight & Energy until your weight loss efforts seem to reach a state of no returns, then switch to TruElevate to get the weight moving down again.

TrueElevate is not a meal replacement

Although TruElevate is a weight loss product, the smoothie is not a meal replacement.  Jokingly, it was called a “snack replacement” by TruVision’s Travis Martin, founding partner of TruVision.  The reason it’s not a meal replacement?  It’s not a protein shake, (like Advocare) although it does contain some whey protein.  There is a lot of fiber, but really it’s a pick-me-up product designed to keep your weight loss initiatives moving forward.

Key TruElevate dates

There was a TruElevate pre-sell earlier this month from August 6-10, and those orders start shipping as this goes to press.  All the pre-sell orders will go out by the end of the month.  During pre-sell only TruVision associates and only owner-qualified customers were allowed to place orders.  That means they must be on Auto-Ship and must have at least a 100PV order in the last 30 days.

Officially, the product becomes part of the TruVision lineup on August 21, 2015 (2).  At that time, anyone may place orders for the product.  That includes preferred customers, who can get a sample of TruElevate if they ask their TruVision associate.


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