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Starting a non-profit for disabilities? Here are 2 great direct marketing tips

Since the World Wide Web took charge, people’s prospect about everything changes.

Marketing was no different. Since the internet revolution, marketing has shifted its focus to mobile devices and social media. The most commonly used direct marketing strategies are:

  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Direct Response Advertising
  • The internet or online marketing

If you are starting a non-profit for disabilities, you want to make sure you’re on top of the best marketing strategies. Here are some of the best direct marketing strategies:

top direct marketing strategiesDirect Mail
It is one of the traditional ways that has been here for centuries. Biggest advantage of this one is that it is the best way to pass information. It’s quick and easy, so you won’t lose sleep at night stressing about deliverability rates.

Telemarketing gained massive popularity in 1970’s with the introduction of WATS lines. It is one the best way to answer questions that customers have.

Direct response advertising
It is done with the intention to provide information about the item directly from the Ads.

Internet Direct marketing
It has earned its explosive growth with the invention of the internet. This is mainly because internet marketing is convenient and economical. Just make sure you have the fastest hosting plans on the market. It is now the most effective method of telemarketing. Even though the internet and the associated mobile technology are powerful tools of marketing, the effect of marketing multiplies if you know how to combine all the above-mentioned tools together.

There are mainly two ways of direct marketing.

  1. Digital marketing can bring a big response to your investment because it reaches a large number of audience. But it involves the risk. If you fail to drive traffic to your website, the whole campaign will be a huge failure. Traditional marketing involves customers in many ways. It can also drive a lot of customers to your company. Some interesting findings of content marketing are:(a) First you need a steady stream of ideas. Marketing is a long creative process. If you want to be successful, you need to be clever. Despite CMO’s excitement over the success of marketing campaigns, Marketing managers and content creators still understand the importance of creative contents.
    (b) Only half marketers have enough ideas for content marketing. Study shows that only half of the marketers have ideas that can take their marketing to next level.
    (c) You need at least 251 ideas per year. The continual demand of new idea to be successful in content marketing has forced marketers to come up with at least one idea per day.
    (d) Almost 75 percent of ideas where only used once and thrown away.
    (e) It is enough to develop a strategy before hitting rock bottom.
  2. Direct marketing is the best way to test your product in the market at a very low-cost. Creating a target list for a direct-mail campaign is the most common way to use direct marketing. Direct mail provides an opportunity to reach the specific market where your products are in demand. It is very quick than other processes like telemarketing. You can create a direct marketing campaign with Direct mail with following steps:

    Develop you mailing list.
    (b) Then create a mail with information about your product but not the brochure.
    (c) Code Responses from the recipients.
    (d) Test the campaign.
    (e) Run the campaign
    (f) Respond to replies
    (g) Analyze and improve the campaign.

Overall, direct marketing has it’s ups and downs like most marketing strategies. Do some research and see if it would be the right fit for your company.

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